100% of our clientele is comprised of women who have natural hair with more than 95% being color treated.

Our most requested services


Transformative Color

Ready for a completely new and impactful look? Transformative colors literally transform every strand of hair from base to ends. Color selections are centric to personal style and natural undertones to ensure the most flattering look.


Highlights & Balayage

Highlights incorporate new color among your natural hair color to create dimension and visual interest. They are a great way to both soften and freshen your look and can be low maintenance based on selected color and lifestyle.

Balayage is a French, freehand highlighting technique that achieves soft, sun kissed results and a less noticeable grow-out. Your hair truly becomes a canvas with this method of applying color.


Hydrate & Define (wash & go)

If you’re in the mood to rock your naturally dope curls, this is the service for you.

silk press (blow dry & flat iron)

Whether you wear your hair in its natural state or not, we believe that you should always have the option to rock your curls. Curl preservation and overall hair integrity are the core ethics of our silk press.